Scheme to Create a Run On Global Banking System Fails

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from Ex-soccer star Eric Cantona‘s plan for people to withdraw all their money from banks has failed. By the time French banks closed on Tuesday, very few appeared to have followed his call. Tens of thousands of people heard the call by former French footballer Eric Cantona to bring down the banking system that sparked the global economic crisisbut few acted on it on Tuesday, the day Cantona suggested his anti-capitalist revolution should begin.

The protests were few, isolated and largely symbolic. One group of activists in Paris emptied their bank accounts from a branch of Societe Generale and opened accounts at the nearby branch of a cooperative bank. But in general, it was business as usual in France’s banking institutions.

Cantona, now a successful actor and an icon to many, had appealed to people to withdraw their money from the banks in an attempt to punish the “corrupt, criminal” banking system.

The three million people in the street, they go to the bank, withdraw their money, and the banks collapse… That’s a real threat, there’s a real revolution,” the ex-football star said in an online video watched by tens of thousands of people in France and beyond.

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4 responses to “Scheme to Create a Run On Global Banking System Fails”

  1. Skibicki Avatar

    Main download is down but the this one works.

  2. V07768198309 Avatar

    It is not Over till April 18.

    ☮ La Nouvelle Économie. (in English)

    ☮ La Nouvelle Économie. (en Français).

    I am not a man, I am Cantona.

  3. SummerRain Avatar

    It was a great idea….just needed more organizing. Wonder if someone tried this in America what would happen. Censored like WIKI & put on trial for treason?

    Need to read a new book that's a thriller about Americans actually taking a stand against corrupt government & banks. Will be giving it out this holiday (all I can afford) cause it's so real & about each of us.

    Just think, if all took their money out of the banks then the bank could no longer control us. I love this article. Thanks!!

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