Scientist’s (Transhumanist’s) Ultimate Wish: Ectogenetic Desire

Paracelsus, a 16th Century physician, possibly, represents ultimate desire of scientific mind – a wish to create life! Mad scientist’s passion to play god lies at crux of ectogenesis. Colin Clive as Dr. Frankenstein (video) portrays ecstastic nature of ectogenetic desire! What more could mortal man wish than the ability to manage autogenesis? You have to love Paracelsus, father of toxicology, who also dissolved opium in alcohol to create a tincture still used today, Laudanam. It seems the ingredients are present in Paracelsus’ Age for a wild ride?

Paracelsus reported often inebriated and filled with contempt for authority, enjoyed liberation from self-restraint. Our 16th Century rogue reached for one of the greatest goals of forbidden alchemy: life creation. Clyde Lewis writes in recent article,Know Thy Sylph: Rebranding the Homunculus,” on recipe and intent behind alchemical act:

“…it has been described in other occult writings as the homunculus.

An entity that is the offspring of forbidden alchemy.

The alchemist Paracelsus once proposed that he had engineered a small human being that he called the Homunculus. The creature was tiny, frail and childlike. Paracelsus claimed that the little man did the work usually associated with a golem, an animated being crafted from inanimate material.

The recipe for this being consisted of bag of bones, male ejaculate or sperm, skin fragments and hair from any animal you wanted it to be a hybrid of. You then placed the pieces in the ground surrounded by horse manure for forty days, at which point the embryo would form.”

The homunculus sounds like some serious s–t! David Hambling observes in another article, Modern Frankensteins,” on our author of creation in competition with God:

“Paracelsus claimed to have successfully created such a homunculus with this formula; it grew to be a foot tall and eventually ran away…described the creation of the homunculus as ‘a miracle and a marvel of God, an Arcanum above all arcana, and deserves to be kept secret until the last of times’…role model for Mary Shelley’s Baron Frankenstein, as well as Goethe’s homunculus-making Faust. Aleister Crowley also claimed to have created homunculi, a claim which may be taken with a pinch of alchemical salt. Simply creating life from decaying matter would not have been considered much of a feat, as it was commonly held that life spontaneously arose in this way.”

A commonly held belief in the 16 Century that life could arise from decaying matter alone, Paracelsus simply pursued a recipe for creation! But wait, did Hambling report Paracelsus as saying his homunculus got away – the arcanum of all arcana simply ran away? Lewis brings synchronicity full circle by finding fascinating similarities of creatures described variously as archons, ETs to the Secret Chiefs,” spiritual masters who represent top of a cosmic hierarchy in occult tradition:

“We have heard the stories of mad scientists in dime store science fiction novels and we have discussed the realities of the elite meeting in secret to conduct séances and rituals to bring to the world what are called the secret chiefs…There are many that have looked into the face of these sylph- like beings and have described them as ‘grays’ or ‘aliens’ and others see them as possible artificial entities created to do the dirty work of some other darker force that has a great interest in us.

This creature is not just the dark eyed alien that has been spoken of at UFO conventions—it has been described in other occult writings as the homunculus…”

Lewis brings a further comparison to bear on Rosicrucian author Edward Bulwer Lytton:

“Lytton wrote that he had found that as far back as the mid 19th century it was recorded that in an underground tunnel originating near Puerto Rico ‘the secret chiefs’ were in hiding and had a habitat hidden near the Bermuda triangle. He called them ‘gods’ and named them the Vril-ya. The creatures were pale white with dark black eyes. They were small with large heads. This is at least 140 years before anyone heard of Roswell or any other alien tales. So perhaps the history of the grays has to be altered and that maybe they were a creation of rogue alchemists during a ritual or perhaps they were summoned in some ritual.”

Some pretty interesting ectogenetic s–t running around loose! Lewis brings fascinating observations to table for readers to consider, also informs us of latest iteration of this ecstatic creative desire: John Craig Venter, who proclaims, “…we have the technology to create what some may call ‘alien grays’ in the laboratory.” Are homunculi just more horses–t down the crapper? These large-headed black-eyed small creatures are reliably described down through recorded history! Paracelsus would possibly advise after a spot of opium tincture: “you don’t know ectogenetic shit when you see it!”

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