scotus to rule against 1st & 2nd amendments

supreme court to debate landmark gun case
supreme court to debate landmark gun casefrom dpa: The US Supreme Court on Tuesday will consider whether people in the United States have a constitutional right to own firearms in a landmark case that could have far-reaching implications for gun control legislation across the country. The case itself surrounds a 1976 law in the District of Columbia that effectively bans handguns and requires all other legal firearms – hunting rifles and shotguns – to be disassembled and unloaded when stored at home. Out of six Washington residents that sued the District, one case has made it all the way to the country’s highest court. Dick Heller, a private security guard, argues he should be allowed to bring his handgun home after work.

US court to rule on tv expletives
US court to rule on tv expletivesfrom bbc: The US Supreme Court has agreed to review the issue of expletives on the airwaves, a move that may re-open the debate over broadcast indecency… The FCC‘s policy of fining networks for “fleeting expletives” or isolated utterances, is on hold following a legal challenge by Fox.

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