Secret Diary of Admiral Byrd: Fact Or Fiction?

Secret Diary of Admiral Byrd: Fact Or Fiction?Do we all want to believe? Cyber/space\war recently examined Byrd’s 1947 flight journal of his arctic adventure. Is it as much an intoxicating as well as a fascinating story? It would be comforting to know an advanced Germanic civilization sits ready below to bail us out after reckless leaders destroy our surface civilization. Hopefully, a little reality will snap us out of hypnotic dreams? Dennis Crenshaw, a hollow Earth researcher and admirer of the last great American explorer, debunked “the arctic flight”, years ago! In an article, “The Missing Secret Diary of Admiral Byrd: Fact or Fiction?“, Crenshaw asked two questions: “1) Did Admiral Byrd make a flight to the North Pole in February of 1947? (2) Is the so-called secret diary of Admiral Byrd that has been circulating…since the late 70s in fact a true account of that alleged flight?”

The simplest most irrefutable query made in the article, are about “the light” changing. “How could he have seen the sun anyway? February is a period of total darkness,” observes Crenshaw. If still stuck in the dream, you can visit the Arctic Theme Page of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) website. “The darkness lasts [from early October] until the beginning of dawn in early March.”

A second simple argument by Crenshaw can a man be in two places at one time? On February 19, 1947, Admiral Richard E Byrd was in command of Operation High Jump, “…ruling out a February 1947 Arctic expedition by Admiral Byrd was the indisputable fact that he was smack dab in the middle of the command of his life…Operation Highjump, the most extensive Antarctic expedition in the world. The operation made front-page headlines around the world with reports about the Admirals personal movements broadcast around the world daily from January 2nd until his return to America on April 14th 1947. This would have made a North Polar flight during this time damn near impossible.”

The Hollow Earther Insider editor clearly comprehends Byrd’s family background and its secret society connections–half of Virginia was granted to the family. Rockefeller money, Illuminati paymasters, funded Operation High Jump. You can listen to Dennis Crenshaw debunk the so-called secret diary in a recent interview here. There’s a bigger story behind the disinformation and points to a One World Order, will we ever know the truth? The truth will be an adrenaline rush answer to the endorphin-induced high or dream!

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    Hi, I think that the diary was about a flight at the South Pole not the north. And the Admiral had stayed with the advance base when the fleet had to break out of the bay area due to ice. His plane was logged as being well over the possible limit for the fuel he carried yet landed with no trouble and had fuel in the tanks…..

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    The research article I wrote back in the'90s referred to above,"The Missing Diary of Admiral Byrd, Fact or Fiction" is now posted at:
    Any questions can be sent to me at
    Dennis Crenshaw

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