selection ’08: it’s on

ohio police ordered to have riot gear ready for election ‘unrest’
from raw replay: It sounds like the kind of thing that precedes “elections” under dictatorships: Riot police being readied for “civil unrest” during a presidential vote. But the location is in the United States. According to an internal memo acquired by the local NBC News affiliate, Toledo, Ohio police officers have been ordered to “have their riot equipment with them Tuesday and Wednesday.”

election problems around the country
from threat level: Voters around the country are experiencing problems this morning as voting machines break down and long lines form. There are only a few surprises among the issues voters are reporting, since we’ve seen many of the same problems in past elections. Virginia and Pennsylvania are standing out as especially problematic. Neither state provided early voting, so the turnout is especially large. About a dozen locations in Pennsylvania have experienced widespread voting machine problems and voters in dozens of Virginia precincts are reporting machines that are down as well. There are reports of precincts that are at a standstill or have been closed down.

voting machine wins the presidential race
from threat level: Forget Obama and McCain, the real winner of the presidential race has already been called. The 44th president of the United States of America is Sequoia Voting Systems touchscreen machine known as DRE 700. With 259 electoral votes, the machine ran especially strong in districts that use electronic voting machines, where it captured an incredible 100 percent of the votes. However, in rural districts that used paper ballots or lever machines, it received no votes at all. Pundits say the dark horse DRE 700 did no campaigning but appealed to voters because it carried none of the baggage the other Washington insider candidates carried, since it spent the better part of its life not on Capitol Hill, but in storage. The Onion News Network has the details about this political upset:

global interest in US election reaches a crescendo:
voting machines flunk last-minute accuracy tests
op-scan machines have trouble reading ballots
voting rights watch: new problems in virginia, florida & mississippi
voting problems as election day gets underway
some kansas city polling place have wrong registration books
voter intimidation in north county
obama/dnc database reveals startling, wide-spread vote machine probs in nv
obama big winner in early nh towns’ votes
tampa: hundreds of votersurveys scattered across interstate
video: ‘black panthers’ block access to voting station

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