selection ’08: mccain/palin, gustav & the rnc police state

national emergency environment sets the stage for the mccain/palin election campaign
national emergency environment sets the stage for the mccain/palin election campaignfrom michel chossudovsky: The opening of the RNC has been characterised by a mass protest movement directed against the Bush administration, the candicacy of John McCain and more generally the Republican party. The presence of thousands of demonstrators in St-Paul Minneapolis has been a major factor in the Republican Party’s decision to change the program of the RNC, using Hurricane Gustav as a pretext.

rnc opens with appeal for gustav aid
from ap: Republicans, determined to propel John McCain to the White House, opened their storm-shortened national convention on Monday amid distractions involving running mate Sarah Palin. The convention’s opening session was abbreviated as Hurricane Gustav hit the Gulf Coast, sparing New Orleans the type of damage inflicted by Hurricane Katrina almost exactly three years ago.

zogby poll puts mccain/palin in lead
zogby poll puts mccain/palin in leadfrom washington times: The Sarah Palin pick for running mate about 16 hours after Barack Obama’s acceptance speech of the Democratic nomination is a gift John McCain gave to himself that doesn’t quit giving, a new Zogby poll shows. “The McCain pick has probably stunted any Obama-Democratic Convention bump,” Mr. Zogby told The Washington Times.

palin appearances cancelled except for meeting w/ aipac
from economic policy journal: Except for a meeting with the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC, Sarah Palin appearances have been canceled, according to WSJ. “She has to familiarize herself with every position John McCain has held over a number of years. That takes work and briefing,” one McCain aide said. She has been kept from contact with the media and others by Republican operatives… She had private sessions with Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman and members of the pro-Israel group AIPAC. An AIPAC spokesman said Gov. Palin told its members she would “work to expand and deepen the strategic partnership between the U.S. and Israel.”

…and now, the rest of the rnc selection’08 clusterf*ck…

november ballots include abortion issues*
preemptive police raid on rnc protesters leads to investigation*
gustav alert: do brzezinski & jindal plan bio-attack on lousiana?*
id bracelets for people who need assistance leaving storm areas*
gustav evacuees get barcode bracelets*
10 videos of rnc protest police raid coverage*
sarah palin’s wikipedia page scrubbed*
minnesota monster mash: police state zombies in a dead republic*
amy goodman & democracy now! producers unlawfully arrested at rnc*
amy goodman & producers arrested at rnc*
283 arrested in monday’s rnc protests*
pockets of violence at convention*
nearly 300 arrested outside rnc*
scenes from st. paul: amy goodman arrested*
corporate news media ‘cover’ police statism at rnc*
video: police fire tear gas into protest group*
250 protesters arrested, including amy goodman*
police state minneapolis*
gop convention to resume with speeches by bush & lieberman*
video: rnc protesters held without phone calls, medical attention*
gustav is gone, but the police state remains*
mayor, media silent on fbi raids of journalists & protesters at rnc*
‘sarah palin is a christian & christians support israel’*
video: riot cops gas rnc protesters*
looking at america’s police state*
amy goodman describes arrest*
video: clashes between st. paul police & protestors bubble up online*
predator spy drone on gustav recovery missions*
rnc protesters charged as terrorists under minnesota patriot act*
palin’s rnc speech*
man held in convention bomb plot*
sights & sounds of the rnc*
rnc 8 charged with ‘conspiracy to riot in furtherance of terrorism’*
man charged with threatening to ‘blow up’ gop convention*
evangelical faith drives palin’s pro-israel view*
amy goodman talks about arrest*
video: activist claims unmarked police vans abducting protesters*
military resistance at the rnc*
rnc features ominous 9/11 ‘tribute’*
video: mccain tells rnc: ‘change is coming’*
biden talks bad about aipac; will surely soon retract*
new details about plot to kill obama*
olbermann: 9/11 tribute ‘not appropriate’*

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