selection ’08: wv vote fraud, ballot debacle & resistance

official: machines not to blame for switched votes in wv
from raw replay: CNN’s Brian Todd reported from West Virginia where several voters said that voting machines switched their votes to the other candidate. Calvin Thomas tried to vote for Barack Obama but the machine registered his vote for John McCain. “I pushed the Democrat ticket and it jumped to the Republican ticket – on the President of the United States.” Todd talked to with Jeff Waybright who is the clerk for Jackson County and is a Republican. Waybright said that problem was most likely due to voter error. A voter may think that he touched Barack Obama name but touched John McCain’s name instead. Waybright disputed reports that the machines might not be aligned correctly.

almost 2,000 southern west virginia voters cast early electronic ballots
from bluefield daily telegraph: Almost 2,000 voters in three of southern West Virginia’s counties have already cast their ballots before approaching general election, and more are expected when one of the two weekend days for early voting arrives this Saturday. Residents waiting for their turn to vote have been filling the basement of the Mercer County Courthouse. Only ES&S iVotronic voting machines have been used.

rfk jr exposes gop election maneuvering
rfk jr exposes gop election maneuveringfrom salem-news: (NVLB) founder Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., is the co-author of a major article in the new issue of Rolling Stone detailing the underhanded tactics that Republicans are now using to deny the right to vote to tens of thousands of Americans. Cited as a major resource in the article, is now accepting donations and volunteers to fight back against the GOP campaign to steal the 2008 election. Read “Block the Vote.”

ballot debacle predicted for november 4
from guardian: A “perfect storm” could be building for US election day on November 4 because of a combination of sky-high voter interest, new ballot machines and a shortage of poll staff, the independent Pew group warned yesterday. The Washington-based group set out a long series of problems still facing the US despite reforms aimed at avoiding a repeat of the 2000 and 2004 debacles. The launch of the 77-page report (1.9mb PDF) came as legal clashes over voter registration and hours-long queues formed outside booths set up for early voting in states across the US. Voting is now underway in 46 of the 50 states, though election day is still almost a fortnight away.

a mccain ‘win’ will be theft, resistance is planned
from david swanson: If your television declares John McCain the president elect on the evening of November 4th, your television will be lying. You should immediately pick up your pre-packed bags and head straight to the White House in Washington, D.C., which we will surround and shut down until this attempt at a third illegitimate presidency is reversed… I’m not hoping it comes to this, of course. If it doesn’t because the official election results are credible and just, we should celebrate and prepare to lobby our government for real change. But if resistance does not develop because people are too scared and obedient to act, then you’ll still be glad you packed ahead of time, and you might want to look into tickets to Canada.

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