Sex, politics and François Hollande: How France plays by its own rules

from Sex will succeed where wars in Syria and the Central African Republic, questions of racial tension and the future of the European Union have all failed. It will persuade the world to do what it has so rarely done before – and tune into a press conference by the president of France. The Westminster press corps is already joking that it might as well put its feet up this afternoon. David Cameron’s appearance before the House of Commons liaison committee is likely to be overshadowed by the main event in Paris, where François Hollande will face questions from the media. Journalists from the serious, establishment press will no doubt ask serious, establishment questions but someone, surely, will dare break what was for so long a taboo in the French media – and ask Hollande about his private life, specifically about last week’s revelations in Closer magazine of an alleged affair with the actress Julie Gayet. It may take a foreign reporter to do it.

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