Yvan eht Nioj: Egypt TV Says The Simpsons Predicted Syria Chaos

Egypt TV Says The Simpsons Predicted Syria Chaos
from dailymail.co.uk: The sighting of a Syrian opposition flag in a 2001 episode of The Simpsons is proof the United States is behind the country’s civil war, an Egyptian television channel has claimed. A report on Al-Tahrir TV featured an episode of the Fox show called New Kids On The Blecch which originally aired more than 13 years ago. It shows a boy band that includes Bart Simpson and his friends dropping bombs on men in Arabic attire in a music video.

One of the trucks blown up has an image of the Syrian revolutionary flag on the side. Before showing the video, Al-Tahrir’s anchor says the flag’s depiction was proof that the Arab Spring revolutions – which has seen uprisings in countries such as Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen as well as Syria – was part of a global conspiracy by America.

She claims: ‘The video you are about to see shows animated figures dancing, flying airplanes and dropping bombs on what must be Syria because there are other animated figures below in Arab garb and the Syrian [opposition] flag appears on one of the vehicles. Let’s take a look at the video, which suggests that what is happening in Syria today was premeditated.

She says it was not known how the flag made it into the episode, adding that it had ‘aroused a debate’ on social media, it was reported by Israel National News.

After showing the clip, the anchor says: ‘The flag appeared… before there was such a thing called the ‘Syrian opposition‘.

That’s why people are saying on Facebook that this is a conspiracy.’

The report, which aired on Al-Tahrir TV on Sunday, was posted to the internet by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

Israel National News notes that MEMRI has posted many videos in the past from Arab television networks which make outrageous claims.

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