the six percent solution illusion

the six percent solution illusionfrom kurt nimmo: In less than a month, a small number of Americans will trek to the polling stations and vote for their preferred mobster, pederast, and warmonger, or all of the above. Oddly, millions of Americans believe their mobster, pederast, and warmonger is better than likewise in another district or state, and thus, once again, the criminal incumbency will thrive for another poisonous cycle, inflicting yet more damage on this former republic, now a unitary decidership…

None of this will change come Election Day. It does not matter if Diebold voting machines can be hacked via blackdoor shenanigans, or if “soft money” and political action committees dominate electoral campaigns, because the problem is the American people, who are ignorant, intellectually incurious, and plugged en masse into the Borg Hive of corporate media.

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