Skywatcher: Most Shocking Climate Change Video Of 2012

Skywatcher breaks down elements and history of artificial clouds- an eye-opening half hour documentary. The three salient points made in Skywatcher (link to transcript): “1) Global “chemtrails” and artificial clouds are the result of silver iodide mixing with commercial jet air traffic; 2) weather modification via cloud seeding is toxic, counter-productive and insufficient as a solution to our water needs; and 3) evidence shows that the formation of artificial clouds worldwide is causing climate change and global warming far more than CO2.” Skywatcher reveals chemtrails composed of silver iodide and salt compounds, can only release moisture to limited amount held in skies. A growing amount of salinity on Earth’s surface decreases evaporation rates of moisture back into the air!   The spraying of cloud-making chemicals proves a self-defeating cycle – clear message of documentary!   Also, commercial jets play role in cloud-making, a  reason chemtrails sprayed on commercial routes.   You’ll have to watch to find out what role jet engines play in making artificial clouds!  Skywatcher presents new information and well worth your time! 

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