some good news: blackwater ends bid for cali camp

some good news: blackwater ends bid for cali campfrom ap: Military security contractor Blackwater Worldwide has pulled its plans to build a training facility in a remote area about 45 miles east of San Diego… Potrero, home to about 850 people, found itself split by the plan, with environmentalist and anti-war factions ardently opposing those who welcomed the prospect of an economic boost for the area. In December, voters recalled five members of a local planning board who supported the project. “I feel giddy,” said Jan Hedlun, a planning group member who led local opposition to the project. She said word was spreading fast as opponents celebrated by faxing around copies of Bonfiglio’s letter Blackwater's letter to the county (PDF) (32.7kb PDF), which was posted online Friday by The San Diego Union-Tribune. Bonfiglio said the repeated marches and protests had nothing to do with the company’s withdrawal.

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