something wicked this way comes…

…something strange is going on: missing toxins at biolabs, 21 dead polo horses in florida, swine flu unleashed, planes flying over new york, pandemic paranoia, single bullet specter & ‘jfk democrats’… everyone’s all abuzz: comment boards, facebook chats, instant messages, etc are flying fast & furious. but we need to slow down & ask: who’s creating the hype & who’s feeding into it? there’s a lot of fear-mongering coming from both sides of the street now… but as they say: “the real action is in the reaction.”

2 responses to “something wicked this way comes…”

  1. Rob Avatar

    In 90-days boards will convene to begin censoring talk radio. Thought you would want to know.

  2. John Avatar

    Does this have anything to do with the summer of rage? It seems like that flyover was done deliberately. I would think that someone in the federal government would have played with photo shop at least once. I wonder if someone is trying to rile up the people. Im kinda pissed…and confused.

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