South Pole Timelapse Video Reveals Nibiru Trailing Sun

South Pole Timelapse Video Reveals Nibiru Trailing SunDonnie Gillson of Freedomizer Radio, provides analysis of strange anamolies captured on Neumayer Station webcam at the South Pole. Gillson,  an Elenin researcher, attempts a step-by-step approach to several anomalies captured by the Neumayer Station webcam. The 15 minute record of images captured July 14th, begin with three researchers in radiation suits pointing at the sky! The station seems inundated with light energy at points. Gillson does commendable job, asking questions but several strange images defy explanation. The Elenin researcher believes Nibiru (pictured), is trailing the Sun in one image, he also points out a large object next to the Sun in another and to a “second Sun” later in video. Gillson believes researchers are dumbfounded, and of course, the truth held from the rest of the us! Was the research station hit by a solar flare? Is the area inundated with ionized radiation and reason for protective suits? The images are, undeniably, some of the strangest ever! It’s fascinating and must see!

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    Sure thats just the moon

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