Spitzer Space Scope Provides Galactic Traffic Report

Spitzer Space Scope Provides Galactic Traffic ReportThe Spitzer Space Telescope sees in the infrared spectrum and provides more information about galaxies, otherwise, obscured by dust and gases. The Spitzer scope reveals a hole in the Andromeda galaxy, presented in an excellent video at The Daily Galaxy. Astronomers believe the hole is the result of a collision with dwarf galaxy M32, estimated to have occurred 200 million years ago. The traffic outlook, in this part of the Universe, expect a collision between Andromeda and the Milky Way in 3 Billion years. Don’t you like those numbers? There’s not many of us losing sleep over it! Thanks goes to producers for nicely done video at DeepAstronomy.com. It beats the heck out of a travelogue, when you can travel 2.5 million light years and 3.2 billion years in under six minutes!

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