strategy being devised to protect use of bpa

strategy being devised to protect use of bpafrom washington post: Manufacturers of cans for beverages and foods and some of their biggest customers, including Coca-Cola, are trying to devise a public relations and lobbying strategy to block government bans of a controversial chemical used in the linings of metal cans and lids.

from wikipedia: Global production of bisphenol A in 2003 was estimated to be over 2 million metric tonnes. In the U.S., it is manufactured by Bayer MaterialScience, Dow Chemical Company, General Electric, Hexion Specialty Chemicals, and Sunoco Chemicals. In 2004, these companies produced just over 1 million t of bisphenol A, up from just 7,260 t in 1991. In 2003, annual U.S. consumption was 856,000 t, 72% of which was used to make polycarbonate plastic and 21% going into epoxy resins.

update: california senate approves ban on bpa in plastics

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    You pieces of manure, PROTECT THE USE OF BPA! Damn man, I am struggling under the hefty weight of cataclysmic nonsense. These assholes have no shame… I am loving this site as well, thanks for all you do James!

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