student to obama: legalize prostitution, gambling & drugs

but obama claims he’s open to every good idea to stop job losses
from raw replay: One student in Allentown, Pennsylvania had a humorous question for the president Friday. “I was wondering if maybe if you checked out some of the statistics about legalizing prostitution, gambling, drugs and non-violent crime in order to stimulate some of the economy?” asked the second year college student. “I appreciate the boldness of your question. That will not be my jobs strategy,” Obama replied as the audience laughed. This video is from MSNBC’s Dr. Nancy, broadcast Dec. 4, 2009.

oh, you silly boy! why would try something new? let’s do the same thing over & over again and expect different results! plus, we’ve got a black market & prison-industrial-complex to feed. meet the new boss…

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  1. N8 Avatar

    Not only does maintaining draconian penalties for non-violent, consensual "crimes" feed the black market and the prison industrial complex, but it allows the State to strip the rights of self defense and voting from people who rebel or question the validity of the State's rules. Very subtle and powerful sorting system: The more non-violent crimes the State can make prohibited, the more easily they weed out and "tag" free thinkers and dissenters, and place their names on the "naughty" list. Plus, the biggest banks reap huge benefits from laundering all that drug money into the stock market… didn't some of those same financial institutions contribute to both sides of every major presidential campaign for the last 40 years? Hmm… Hope you're having a great break James, thanks for churning out the great work!

  2. N8 Avatar

    Love that lady shaking her head as the kid asks his question. She won't hesitate to rat him out to some domestic terrorist tip line to prove how loyal and patriotic she is.

    "You're name has been referred to the Ministry of Love as a potential Thought Criminal. If you think you have received this designation in error, and would like means to profess your loyalty, submit at least ten names of potential Thought Criminals in your area."

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