Sun’s Great Conveyor Belt

Sun’s Great Conveyor BeltDoes the Sun’s Great Conveyor Belt of circulating hot plasma control 11 year solar cycle of maximums and minimums? “The Great Conveyor Belt is a massive circulating current of fire (hot plasma) within the sun. It has two branches, north and south, each taking about 40 years to complete one circuit. Researchers believe the turning of the belt controls the sunspot cycle.” A Daily Galaxy article asks very question, Sun’s “Great Conveyor Belt” –Does this 40-Year Cycle Control Sunspots?. Physicist David Hathaway and Lisa Rightmire measured speed of flow with SOHO data and found a relationship,“…as the number of sunspots increases on the Sun, the speed of the Great Conveyor Belt decreases, and vice versa: fewer sunspots and the faster the speed of the Belt… It’s the 40-year circuit that scientists think is the controlling mechanism for the approximate 11-year solar cycle—when a lot of sunspots occur (solar maximums) for about half the cycle and when only a few (or no) sunspots occur (solar minimums) for the other half of the cycle.” Reader is left to assume a straightforward four solar cycles per completion of circuit made by the Great Conveyor Belt? It’s more input for your mind!

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