suskind: white house interrogation room & 9/11 link lie

bush white house has its own interrogation room
from thinkprogress: In Ron Suskind’s new book, Suskind describes a disturbing case in Washington, D.C., where security officials detained and interrogated Usman Khosa, a Pakistani U.S. college graduate, because he was “fiddling” with his iPod near White House gates. Officials took Khosa to an interrogation room “beneath” the White House:

suskind defends charge that bush faked iraq link to 9/11
from raw replay: NBC’s Meredith Vieira talked with Ron Suskind about his new book that alleges the Bush White House ordered the CIA to create a fake letter linking Saddam Hussein on the 9/11 attacks. This video is from NBC’s Today Show, broadcast August 5, 2008.

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