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  • Iapetus: A Moon, A Mystery

    “Half of Iapetus appears as dark as asphalt and the other half as bright as snow,” begins narrative by Arthur C Clarke in video describing unusual Saturn moon. Iapetus discovered by Giovanni Cassini in 1671, is best known for its two tone coloration and huge equatorial ridge that extends halfway around it.

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  • Iapetus: Is Saturn Moon Artificial?

    Iapetus: Is Saturn Moon Artificial?

    Is Iapetus an artificial moon? Saturn’s third largest moon orbits at a much greater distance 2,213,000 miles than the planet’s other large moons, Titan and Rhea. Richard C Hoagland examines unusual and baffling physical characteristics of Iapetus in a 2005 article, “Moon With a View: Or, What Did Arthur Know…and When Did He Know It?”.

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