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  • #PopOcculture: Summer Shooters, Safe States and more

    Summer of the Gun: Empire State Building Shooting* Two Dead in Shooting Near Empire State Building* Bloomberg Admits, Some Of The Shooting Victims In NY, Were “Accidentally” Shot By The […]

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  • #PopOcculture: Questions, Copycats, Control and more

    #PopOcculture: Questions, Copycats, Control and more

    Nurse Who “Saw Everything” At Hospital After Suspicious Dark Knight Shooting Found Dead at 46* Sage Stallone Case Transferred To Robbery Homicide: Details Surrounding Death Still Unclear* Sage Stallone death: […]

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  • #PopOcculture: Cosmic, Creepy, Cults and More

    #PopOcculture: Cosmic, Creepy, Cults and More

    Did James Holmes Call Diggity Dave? // Synchrocinematic Willy Wonka Director Dies // Joan Rivers to #ADL: #STFU! – “Germany is where banning books started, and it can start here” // Unification Church founder Rev. Moon in critical condition // 93yr-old Billy Graham in NC hospital with bronchitis // #Audio #Satire: Christian Porn Film Climaxes With Birth Of Child

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  • #PopOcculture: Sikh, Psyops, Shooters and more

    #PopOcculture: Sikh, Psyops, Shooters and more

    #TwilightLanguage: Wisconsin Sikh Shooting* Dark Knight’s Sikh Link* Sikh Shooter ID’ed* Who Was Wade Michael Page?* ‘9/11’ tattoo skinhead responsible for massacre in Wisconsin* Before he shot up the Sikh […]

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  • #PopOcculture: Olympics, Aurora, Zombies and More

    #PopOcculture: Olympics, Aurora, Zombies and More

    MEGARITUAL: The Opening of the Gate // Colorado Massacre Linked To Historic Bank Fraud? YES! and this also follows the Batman Rising (Phoenix) plot perfectly! // Holmes’ Harlots // Colorado Clusters and Copycats // Aurora Copycat Effect // VA Must Disclose Documents on CIA, Army and Nazi Scientists Tests Using Veterans as Guinea Pigs // Schools burned as sect tightens grip on ‘New Jerusalem’ // Video: Zombies Protest Westboro Baptist Church In Washington State

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  • #PopOcculture: Ziolympics, Monumental and More

    2012 Zion Olympics in London Coincide with Tisha B’Av – Commemoration of the Destruction of the Temples in Jerusalem // Israeli President Shimon Peres cancels London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony visit over Sabbath travel issue // No memorial service for son of Scientology’s president? // ‘Cannibal cult members’ arrested for murder, eating raw brains and making penis soup // Police: Hug triggers officer’s gun, kills woman // #Audio‬ ‪#Satire‬: Jesus Questioned For Accepting Tithes From Lobbyists

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  • #PopOcculture: Conversion, Allegations, Angels and more

    #PopOcculture: Conversion, Allegations, Angels and more

    Madonna Dumps Kabbalah for Opus Dei’* Cher upsets LDS leaders by talking about Mormon “magic underwear”* Paterno family decries leak of e-mails regarding Sandusky* Catholic church faces fresh allegations of […]

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  • #PopOcculture: Bath Salts, Big Ben, Benefits and More

    #PopOcculture: Bath Salts, Big Ben, Benefits and More

    ‘Causeway Cannibal’ Not High On Bath Salts, Just Marijuana // Rate of Killings Rises 38 Percent in Chicago in 2012 // Ultra-Orthodox Jewish men arrested for Hitler Holocaust graffiti // Big Ben to be renamed Elizabeth Tower in honor of queen // Will Smith, Robin Thicke, Will.i.am Attend Scientology Benefit

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  • #PopOcculture: #StJohnsDay, ‘#TheMaster’ and More

    #PopOcculture: #StJohnsDay, ‘#TheMaster’ and More

    How Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith Will Cast Shadow On US Election // St. John’s Day: June 24th ~ Flying Saucers, Fires, and Forteana // Edmonton Shooter Caught By Border Agents; Four victims and alleged killer were employees of G4S Cash Solutions // Scientology Sunday Funnies: Neil Gaiman’s Mum Builds a Civilization! // Video: ‘The Master’ Trailer and L. Ron Hubbard?

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  • #PopOcculture: Horses, Hoaxes, Richest Rabbis and More

    Prometheus, Cannibals and the Fayette Factor // Atlanta megachurch leader Creflo Dollar punched and choked daughter, police say // Forbes Ranks Richest Rabbis in Israel // And now, a horse meme emerges… Pennsylvania State Police Play Cowboy After Horse Wanders Onto Mon-Fayette Expressway // Ann Romney’s Horse Comes in Third in Olympic Qualifying Event // Mexican drug money’s ties to US horse racing probed

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  • #PopOcculture: World Gone Wild

    #PopOcculture: World Gone Wild

    After Gory Incidents, Online ‘#Zombie’ Talk Grows // Hardware chain adds ‘zombie defense’ section // Chinese Cannibal Story Goes Unnoticed // Canadian Cannibal Arrested In Germany // Is Luka Magnotta, Canadian Porn Actor and Murder-Dismembering Suspect, a Scientologist? // Centennial UFOs turn out to be lanterns at rehearsal dinner for NBA player

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  • #PopOcculture: #MurderAndMayhem, Shooters, Serpents

    #PopOcculture: #MurderAndMayhem, Shooters, Serpents

    Like Father, Like Son: Snake-Handling WV Preacher Dies From Snakebite // Seattle Shooting Leaves 6 Dead: Mystery Man Shoots Self // Famed 9/11 Widow Sandy Dahl Dies // Wisconsin Pastor gets 2 years for spank speech // God Returns From Two-Millennium-Long Vacation

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  • #PopOcculture: #ThirtyThree, #Reagan’s Blood and More

    #PopOcculture: #ThirtyThree, #Reagan’s Blood and More

    Arrest Imminent In Case of Long-Missing New York Boy Patz // Auction claims to be selling vial of Reagan blood // Fallen Televangelist Jim Bakker Now Hawking Apocalyptic Survivalist Gear // Priest Removed From Ministry Due To Sex Abuse Allegations Now Works At Philadelphia International Airport

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  • #PopOcculture: Flesh Pills, Kennedy Curse, Ivens Search and more

    #PopOcculture: Flesh Pills, Kennedy Curse, Ivens Search and more

    South Korea cracks down on baby flesh pills // Jury convicts #Balfour of murdering actress Hudson’s family // Questions remain after nearly 200 pages of documents released in Trayvon Martin shooting case // ‘Sound Of My Voice’ examines the inner workings of a cult // Man sets himself on fire outside Breivik trial // Pastor says that God wants Christians to vote for Ron Paul // Mary Richardson Kennedy, estranged wife of RFK Jr., hangs herself

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  • #PopOcculture: Suicide, Survivalist, Sex and more

    #PopOcculture: Suicide, Survivalist, Sex and more

    Athletes, Celebs React To Death Of Former NFL Linebacker Junior Seau by Suicide at 43 // MI6 Codebreaker Found Dead in Bag Was Likely Killed, Coroner Says; Mysterious death of MI6 spy grips Britain // Ex-poster child for missing kids sentenced for raping girl // Fmr sheriff serves 17 days in sex-for-meth conviction

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