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  • Hoagland: NASA Lies!

    Hoagland: NASA Lies!

    A Universe Today article, “Scientist Explains the Weird Shiny Thing on Mars,” offers a mundane explanation for the anomalous object spotted last week by Curiosity rover on the surface of Mars.

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  • Iapetus: Is Saturn Moon Artificial?

    Iapetus: Is Saturn Moon Artificial?

    Is Iapetus an artificial moon? Saturn’s third largest moon orbits at a much greater distance 2,213,000 miles than the planet’s other large moons, Titan and Rhea. Richard C Hoagland examines unusual and baffling physical characteristics of Iapetus in a 2005 article, “Moon With a View: Or, What Did Arthur Know…and When Did He Know It?”.

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  • What Will Phobos Grunt Mission Uncover?

    What Will Phobos Grunt Mission Uncover?

    Russian space probe Phobos Grunt set to launch December 25, 2011. The probe would achieve orbit around Mars, December 2012. Mars Express probe captured images in March 2010 during a flyby at a distance of just 60 miles.

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  • phobos mystery

    Why does Martian Moon Phobos generate intense interest? In 1959, Russian Samuilovich Shklovsky, an astronomer, suggested Phobos may be artificial, since he concluded the moon’s orbit was decaying and could […]

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