media monarchy episode249

February 4, 2012 Media Monarchy 1

“without the pretty pink ribbon, you’d end up just like me” on episode249 from media monarchy w/ pink ribbons inc, room 237 & the philosophy of nullification – morgellons, muppets, stupor bowl marketing & the


media monarchy episode248

January 28, 2012 Media Monarchy 0

“it’s intermission in a minute, so you better get with it” for episode248 from media monarchy w/ culture collapse, psyop saga & repeating reality – demands, awards & the ‘what would you do’ newspurge –


media monarchy episode247

January 21, 2012 Media Monarchy 2

“all aboard, the sinking ship is leaving” for an epic episode247 from media monarchy w/ synching ships, titanic memes, truth music & the catch 2012 hand jive – memorial martin, copywrong quotes & a classical


media monarchy episode246

January 14, 2012 Media Monarchy 1

“this will be our year” on episode246 of media monarchy w/ let it begin, gatto & new law new year – ron paul soldier, rich pols, the school system & marine piss – rainier, amigo,


media monarchy episode245

December 31, 2011 Media Monarchy 1

“here comes the jackpot question in advance” on episode245 of media monarchy w/ the year of the dragon, disappointment & danger – ghost threat, poor sales & the heartbreak newspurge review – silent night, deadly


media monarchy episode244

December 24, 2011 Media Monarchy 2

“mystery is a source of leverage & power” on episode244 of media monarchy w/ last rites, korean war & a false dawn – payroll predictions, neti plots, saab stories & the work on christmas newspurge


media monarchy episode243

December 17, 2011 Media Monarchy 1

“when the lights go on again, when the boys are home again” on episode243 of media monarchy w/ heads held high, paranoid anxiety, selling access & newspurge lights – shower scenes & a scandalous giveaway


media monarchy episode242

December 10, 2011 Media Monarchy 1

“making a soundtrack for another planet to hear” on episode242 of media monarchy w/ lessons, liquids & expertology – wv mine fines, return to va tech, deliverance, drift away & in/out crowd newspurge – voyager,


media monarchy episode241

December 3, 2011 Media Monarchy 1

“if we make it through december, everything’s gonna be all right i know” on episode241 of media monarchy w/ battlefield america & a confidence crisis – elections, evidence, nominations, investigations & a haggard newspurge +


media monarchy episode240

November 26, 2011 Media Monarchy 1

“won’t start revolutions, but we’re giving it a whirl” on the 240th episode of media monarchy w/ back to black friday & the pepper spray nation – anniversaries, revolutions & the buy nothing coup –


media monarchy episode239

November 19, 2011 Media Monarchy 3

“desert skies kept me dry from the city rain” on episode239 of media monarchy w/ new mexico notes & the newspurge lights + snake handling, scandals & sandusky on holy hexes – wargames & wildest


media monarchy episode238

November 5, 2011 Media Monarchy 1

“and everything i had to know, i heard it on my radio” on episode238 of media monarchy w/ radio ga ga, harmonious ghost & emergency alerts – secret meets, stinky strikes & the newspurge test


media monarchy episode237

October 28, 2011 Media Monarchy 1

“don’t hate the media, become the media” on the 5th anniversary of the media monarchy radio show w/ episode one, world peace, war withdrawal & one band – infiltration, intellistreets & the interior of ‘the


media monarchy episode236

October 21, 2011 Media Monarchy 1

“everybody’s talking ’bout the stormy weather and what’s a man do to but work out whether it’s true” on episode236 from media monarchy w/ stormy weather riots, gaddafi gone & operation occupy – hill hostages,