Tarpley’s Take On Wikileaks

Tarpley’s Take On WikileaksWebster Tarpley reveals the self-exposure operation of Wikileaks on the Alex Jones Show recently. Julian Assange is a MK-Ultra zombie, the product of an Australian mind control cult led by Anne Hamilton-Byrne, in Tarpley’s view. Assange’s peroxide blonde hair color is noted as significant, as the Australian cult members’ hair was dyed peroxide blonde or platinum, and reveals his cult ties. Assange is compared to Daniel Ellsberg and may be an expendible intelligence asset? Tarpley summarizes the Wikileaks document dumps, observing there are no damaging references to a George W. Bush or Richard Cheney and concludes they are most damaging to the CIA’s enemies. Please take a moment to listen how Julian Assange and Wikileaks may be controlled intelligence assets and the present operation bears similarities to the Pentagon Papers of the early seventies. Tarpley believes Wikileaks is the product of White House information czar, Cass Sunstein. Sunstein pledged government infiltration of extremist groups, some time ago, and wrote the following paper: “Conspiracy Theories“. It’s must listen and available, here.

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