Telstar Sat Launched 50 Years Ago!

History is about to be made – as old newsreel begins, and possibly, played before the main feature at local movie theaters of era. Telstar launched July 10, 1962 – 50 years ago – from Cape Canaveral!  The first communications satellite to relay TV signals across the Atlantic ocean, President John F Kennedy comments on momentous event in video.  It’s also humbling to note, how brief our wired, plugged-in adventure with satellite communications has been – just five decades!  There’s a chance either solar flares or EMP attacks, could unplug our wired world in an instant!  Do you wonder whatever happened to Telstar?  You can learn satellite’s short-lived fate here.  It was big news a long time ago – television transmissions relayed across the globe – but worth taking moment to remember!

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