tests on skull fragment cast doubt on hitler suicide story

but russia casts doubt on new hitler skull theory
tests on skull fragment cast doubt on hitler suicide storyfrom telegraph: Officials in Moscow say they have no record of a US researcher who claims to have examined a skull fragment said to belong to the late Nazi dictator. Russia responded after a History Channel documentary claimed to have subjected the bone, which is kept in Moscow, to DNA testing and discovered it belonged to a woman and not Hitler. The program suggested its findings bolstered the theory that Hitler did not commit suicide in 1945 as is widely thought. But Vladimir Kozlov, deputy director of Russia’s state archive where the fragment is stored, has cast doubt on the programme. He says he has no record that an American scientist called Nick Bellantoni who is shown in the program taking samples from the skull had ever been granted access. “Nobody with that name – Bellantoni – has been into the archive for the last four years,” he told state news agency RIA Novosti. “None of the directors or people who grant permission for this kind of thing know this name.”

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    wait…you mean the History Channel broadcast something that might not be true? But is was on TV…

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    look over here look over here! come on ppl india found water on the moon and remember nostral dumbass said beware the blue turbin …hello!! water, blue turbin, water helllo!!!!

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    all kidding aside this is a real find the jewish ppl can go on seeking out nazis of the next generation whos papas had a hand in the sacrificial burnt offering ..i meen holocaust god save the jooos

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