Tests Show Chemical in West Virginia Water Weeks After Leak

Tests Show Chemical in #WestVirginia Water Weeks After Leakfrom cnn.com: Tap water testing in 10 homes in West Virginia found a chemical that leaked from an industrial storage facility in January was still in the water supply a month later, though at levels within the state’s allowable threshold… “Water is continually flowing through the system and it’s cleaning it out,” said Andrew Whelton, a professor at the University of South Alabama and a leader of an independent testing group. “But clearly the evidence exists that chemicals still remain in the drinking water.” At the state’s request, Whelton’s group independently sampled tap water in 10 homes February 11-18 from the affected area, finding concentrations as high as 6.1 parts per billion, and as low as 0.5 parts per billion.

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