Princess Grace of Monaco Illuminati Sacrifice

Princess Grace of Monaco Illuminati Sacrifice

The 1982 death of Grace Kelly in a car crash ended on the surface a charmed life!  The charms, may have included however, some occult in nature!  A 2010 article at The Scotsman raises questions about Princess Grace’s involvement with sex cult, Sovereign Order of Solar Temple (SOTS), in months just preceding her death.   David Cohen and David Carr Brown worked on documentary about cult suicides across Europe and North America in the nineties, when they came across dark occult tie to Princess Grace.

The most compelling report was made by an acupuncturist, whose involvement included preparing Grace for the sexual initiation:

“But the biggest breakthrough was when the acupuncturist agreed to speak to them. ‘She also wished to remain anonymous, and we wondered at first whether she had been pressured into speaking to us. As she talked, though, it became clear that it was the Solar Temple she feared. Her description of how she had prepared the princess for the initiation ceremony, by calming her through acupuncture, convinced us that the former film star had indeed become part of the cult as she searched for happiness just months before her death,'” according to Cohen.

The details of the day Princess Grace prepared for initiation into the sex cult are admittedly titillating:   “The woman before him [head security guard for cult] was Princess Grace of Monaco, and soon she would undergo a sexually charged initiation into the murderous cult of the Solar Temple. First the princess was taken to a derobing chamber, where an acupuncturist, who to this day is still haunted by the princess’s intense blue eyes, began to relax her by placing needles on meridians known to give sexual pleasure. Then Grace was given something to drink, perhaps a tranquilliser. At about 7pm, dressed in a white templar robe with a red cross, she was escorted down an inner staircase to the crypt of the priory, where she lay down on a huge round altar marked with a mixture of cabalistic signs and pictures of the 12 apostles. As Wagnerian music rose in a crescendo, the higher entities were asked if they agreed that Grace should become high priestess of the order, to which they responded yes. The princess was taken back upstairs and in the early hours of the morning was driven home in the Jaguar that had brought her to the priory.”

The Scotsman article poses to readers obvious inquiries:  “Kelly’s life was paradoxical: she was indeed a spiritual but highly sexual woman who, according to many, was frustrated by the limitations of life as a royal.  Could that be why she turned to the Order of the Solar Temple in the last months of her life?  There may be no direct corroboration for her connection to the cult, but the circumstantial evidence is strong, according to Cohen. ‘We know that [Joseph] di Mambro’s security guard was an integral part of the inner workings of the Solar Temple. He was di Mambro’s driver, but he also looked after security and the cult’s finances. We were able to corroborate this through former members of the cult.'”  Di Mambro seems the dark actor behind scenes later mentioned as possibly involved in cult suicides a dozen years later in Canada. Are cults also scams and even royalty victims?

A case is made in You Tube video, whose title is taken for this article, Princess Grace of Monaco Illuminati Sacrifice,”  that Princess Grace rebuffed di Mambro’s further attempts to secure money as possible motive behind “car accident.”  It’s possible (and likely?) Princess Grace suffered a stroke – the obvious explanation – given erratic driving prior to going off the road. In this article, inquiries are made into facts occulted from view — scenarios still very real! The present writer finds with each passing year, a reader can accept little at face value even CAT scans that seem to corroborate a stroke!

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