The Hermetic Library: From Aleister to Zines

The Hermetic Library: From Aleister to ZinesDo you have questions about the occult or secret societies and not know where to look? A fine resource is The Hermetic Library. The recent notoriety created by Anders Breivik, the Oslo killer, may have you wondering why an uproar over Freemasonry? You type an entry of ‘freemason’ in the website’s search field and the top link returned is a serious article,Aleister Crowley Freemason? – Revisited. Or, you might want to learn more about the mysterious Baphomet? Under the Baphomet link at, the entry reads, “‘Baphomet is the deity worshiped by the Templars, according the charges made against them. An interesting point about Baphomet is that the Greek translation of this name breaks down into the words bafe (BAPhE–baptism) and metis (METIS–wisdom): Baptism of Wisdom.'” There’s also a link to Tracy Twyman’s Baphomet Series. It’s time to broaden your spiritual education and a good resource is The Hermetic Library at!

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