The Illuminati’s October Surprise

Is it this October that s— hits the fan?  A popular You Tube video, The Illuminati’s October Surprise,” suspects this to bee case. Video makes clear, government has militarized police to treat Americans as enemy.   Our country may have less to worry about if FEMA/Homeland Security performs with as little organization as they’ve done  in natural disasters?  Government paranoia has led to current developments.  The powers that shouldn’t be,  have to get us before we get them and there’s plenty to crimes to prosecute!  A central message is government goading rebellion  to provide excuse to use force. It’s an important message, we don’t want to play into their hands.  Another message suicide is an option to escape suffering – a valid way out!  Will Illuminati finally pull plug next month? You  may watch to see what you think?   It’s Occult TV and it’s free!

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