The International Banking Cartel = Too Big To Jail

Dean Henderson, author of Big Oil and Their Bankers, and Webster Tarpley, historian and economist, are showcased as leading critics of present financial system in an amazing half hour show. Press TV encapsulates our financial lives in The International Banking Cartel,” a synopsis of the Central Banking System from the mid-18th Century to today’s world and the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, the Central Bank of Central Banks! You will receive an education and enlarge you world view all in thirty minutes! Tarpley sizes up the International Banking Cartel in simple terms for the rest of us, “too big to fail, too big to jail.” (Note: there are only three countries left with significant economies not under the Cartel’s thumb: North Korea, Iran and Cuba.) It’s a must view!

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  1. Tommy Two Gloves Avatar
    Tommy Two Gloves

    The cabal is run by The 5 Rothschild banks who are all Jews. Ashkenazim Jews that is!

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