The James Holmes Conspiracy

It’s all about control, folks – mind control A shadowy agenda wants to turn us into pliable submissive subjects devoid of personality, drive, aspiration or personal desire. Mankind is presently too much trouble!  Kerry Cassidy suspects in blog, JAMES HOLMES – TEMPORAL ILLUSIONS & TIME TRAVEL,” there’s more according to title than mind control at play?   The James Holmes Conspiracy presents convincing arguments mind control has been a goal, at least, since World War II.  The present writer found, perhaps, most interesting of all, were Aurora Police Chief Daniel Oates failure to respond to two questions by local press, whether, cameras were in the Century 16 Theater!  James Holmes portrayed in documentary as a Manchurian Candidate, more likely is a patsy set up to take fall!  A team of black op technicians likely executed incident!   It’s time to wake up to reality of mind control and this documentary places you on right track!

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