The Lessons of the Bonus Army – 1932

Dr A. True Ott exposes America’s history of  social injustice. In blog entry,The Lessons of the Bonus Army – 1932,” Ott drives home point that most “….Americans believe we are still ruled by our Constitution, rather than a secret cabal of elitists.” The PBS documentary reveals several truths about our country, one astute observation Ott makes clear: “… any military leader who unquestionably follows orders, even when it means attacking fellow American VETERAN SOLDIERS, will be rewarded in a powerful way in the future.   It is not a coincidence that the three men who bore arms against their fellow American military veterans – Douglas MacArthur, Dwight Eisenhower, and George Patton – would each be later hand-picked to their positions in WW II.” America has almost come full circle in Ott’s estimation: “The 1932 ‘Bonus Army‘ event showed that the U.S. Government clearly considers citizens who voice dissent to be ‘enemy combatants’….”  The documentary summarizes Bonus Army’s reaction, they couldn’t believe, the United States government would ignore their plight the Great Depression placed them – or U.S. military forces would be used against them. Any reader can see why the “Bonus Army” is not a familiar event in American history, the elite simply don’t want you to realize their callous nature and disregard!  It’s a jam-packed half hour of reality, everyone needs to know!

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