The mystery of Google’s floating barges

The mystery of #Google's floating bargesfrom A mysterious four-story barge floating near Treasure Island here has people wondering what Google is up to. A local TV station and CNET offer two theories behind the contents of the boat, which is stacked with shipping containers. CBS-affiliate KPIX, citing an unnamed source close to the project, says Google is constructing an Apple Store-like marketing center for Google Glass. CNET says it might be a water-based data center, citing a patent filed by Google for such a thing in 2007. Google had no comment. A barge similar to the one in San Francisco is in the waters off Portland, Maine. The search giant plans to have the barge towed to San Francisco’s nearby Fort Mason, where it will be open to the public, the unnamed source told KPIX. CNET, quoting an anonymous source identified as an independent marine engineer, says Google wants to build a backup data center in the event of a natural disaster. The barge in San Francisco would be one of a dozen data centers worldwide, the source said.

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