The Real Mars by Joseph P. Skipper

The Real Mars by Joseph P. Skipper

A masterful disinfo campaign has Earthlings convinced Mars is cold barren planet devoid of life with only scant atmosphere.  Joseph P. Skipper, Mars Anomaly researcher, attempts to dispel misconception imposed on public by massive effort to keep secret true conditions on Mars.  The researcher and author succeeds with images in recent entry, The Real Mars.” Skipper describes water cascading over falls (picture, upper right) to continue course down river much like Earth. The second image (lower right) is water and ice. Pictures are from areas in lower latitudes of southern hemisphere of Mars.  You may receive full scoop in Skipper book,The Hidden Truth:  Water & Life on Mars.”

On the surface, it may sound like mere selfishness, but secrecy or withholding truth confirms grave shortfalls in human affairs. Skipper reveals coverup of real Mars “…is based on lies and yet connected to 2+2=4 science, it is possible to turn this around starting with the visual evidence you see here as leverage. If this can happen, then secrecy all over the place will quickly be in trouble and mankind may be able to come out from under this smothering cover of pretense and deception…Because of the deeply ingrained secrecy and as long as it rules, the inaccurate
perception of Mars as a dry dead world may prevail to the point of …our social destruction.”
  The seriousness of issue is not lost on Skipper, who believes obfuscation of Mars images, represents a lid on truth. Martian Sky is Blue and  Tracing Canals of Marsare past blog entries that also suggest – we are not made aware of true conditions on Mars!

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  1. NASA Secrecy Agenda Disinfo Agent #57 Avatar
    NASA Secrecy Agenda Disinfo Agent #57

    Joseph Skipper is a self-proclaimed “researcher” whose speculations are based on looking at images from planetary science missions and finding visual “anomalies.” Unfortunately most of these “anomalies” are the result of Mr. Skipper’s complete lack of knowledge of spacecraft imagery, lack of knowledge of basic photography, and a persistent pathological need to find evidence of a conspiracy in every single image.

    This is the “researcher” who published a four-part 7,000-word report that the Opportunity Mars Rover had landed on delicate life on Mars … which are easily proven to be the impressions of the landing airbags. He sees skulls and animal skeletons and sculptures and artifacts in what are obviously rocks. He once claimed that a rock was moving around the Martian landscape (implying it was alive) when looking at the stereo view from the Rover cameras it was clear that it was just further in the background than it first appeared. He finds “glass tubes” because even after ten years of “research” he can’t distinguish between a concave and convex feature by using the simple tools any novice image analyst takes for granted. His methods are sloppy and based on preconceived notions. And to top it off, anything he doesn’t understand is axiomatically labeled a result of “automatic supercomputer smudge tampering software” applied by the “secrecy agenda”. He is at best a source of snickering amusement, and at worst a sad, pathetic, delusional crackpot of dubious mental stability. The saddest part is that seems to have collected a group of similarly deluded disciples who fawn over his every word. Fortunately with the publication of his book, his crackpot ideas have been exposed for the nonsense they are and his influence these days is almost nil.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Read what J.P.Skipper writes in his own words. It's a waste of time to listen to a somebody's opinion of what he said–
    A great book with a more realistic look at the planet than any nasa worker has yet provided.See for yourself and decide for yourself and you will be rewarded. "Agent 57…" loves meds and black suits.
    Hey Dr.Malin, how did you get your exclusive 50 year+ governmental contract? Rein in your agent already.

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