The Real Power Behind the New World Order

Paul Flynn, filmmaker (Mediggo Films) and Meddigo Radio host, created 2011 documentary as a result of his own personal research, The Real Power Behind the New World Order.” Flynn breaks it down by flatly informing in first fifteen minutes: Luciferianism remains religion of elite since the times of mystery and fertility religions of ancient Babylon.  Viewers will likely raise their Occult Quotient (OQ) just by taking in Flynn’s documentary.  Subjects covered include General Albert Pike, Freemason and author of  “Morals and Dogma,” (free zipped pdf of book).  Pike, is perhaps, best known for his vision of three world wars ushering in a New World Order.   Manly Palmer Hall, esoteric researcher and author, is recalled for his best known book (free zipped pdf of book), The Secret Teachings Of All Ages.” There’s much more in documentary, e.g., Bill Cooper, Patrick Heron and Constance Cumbey.  You can gain insight into making of documentary with following Black Helicopter interview of Flynn.  Please watch to immediately raise your OQ!

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