The Real You

The Real YouTom Burghardt writes in recent article, “When the ‘Future’ Invades Our Lives. The CIA Funds ‘Predictive Behavior Start-Ups,” how CIA-backed companies team up to control you. Burghardt’s article reads like a Hegelian dialectic. Google is allegedly hacked by Chinese early in 2010 and must “increase its situational awareness in the battlespace“. The solution is more data-mining. The chilling result is another startup, Social Intelligence, which data mines to help companies decide whether they really want to hire you? They want to know “the real you“. Burghardt concludes it’s an Orwellian panopticon “the grim world order that fear-mongering corporations are rapidly bringing to fruition.” Have our lives been reduced to, “hear, speak and see no evil” and add to it “think no evil“?

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