‘The Royal Arch’ Sociopaths Who Rule Britain

'The Royal Arch' Sociopaths Who Rule Britain

Red Ox provides reasons in article, “‘The Royal Arch’ Sociopaths Who Rule Britain,” British politicians seem weird to us.  Red Ox is an MI-6 survivor, who reveals how deep control matrix goes.  It’s a hideous system meant to keep everyone in their place and just happens to begin with pedophilia.   Why”?  It’s not only that they’re a bunch of pervs, pedophilia represents proven method to cause dissociation – formerly known as multiple personality disorder.  A compartmentalized personality gets trained to act according to script often through torture.  Red Ox provides interesting detail about their identity:  “The Royal Arch is a Masonic order. It is the Illuminati.  Britain is ruled by disassociative sociopaths in a cult that calls itself ‘The Royal Arch’. There is a ruling politburo of ‘Guardians’, consisting of persons selected by existing members. To be a guardian, one is trained from early childhood for the role in the usual manner – electroshock and sexual abuse.”  Red Ox makes it clear, even MI6 agents get subjected to hideous method of control.  What’s worse, the writer stresses pedophilia is just the beginning, and perhaps, less distasteful and disgusting, than what follows: dissociation through torture!  The present writer suspects, a similar system works in the United States, possibly, even Presidents subjected to it! 

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