The Schmallenberg Virus: DARPA and the Fraunhofer Society?

from The Schmallenberg virus is the name that has been given to the collective cases of lamb, sheep, goat and cattle still births and birth deformities that have spread at an alarming rate across a large part of Europe. The spread of the so called virus is suspected to be from a group of insects known as midges.  The virus is named after Schmallenberg, the largest town in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, from where the first definitive sample was derived. After Germany, it has also been detected in Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

Schmallenberg, Germany is the home of the Applied Ecology half of the Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology IME(MBAE) section of the Fraunhofer Society, which is a German research organization with 60 institutes spread throughout Germany, each focusing on different fields of applied science.  The Fraunhofer Society was founded in Munich on March 26, 1949 by representatives of industry and academia, the government of Bavaria, and the German Federal Republic.  In 1956 it began working with German military research organizations.  In 1994, the Society had expanded and founded a US-based subsidiary, Fraunhofer USA, Inc., to extend the outreach of the Fraunhofer’ R&D network to American clients.

The US-based subsidiary, Fraunhofer USA, Inc., on their website, describes their projects and reveals many of their funding sources for their projects.  The list of core platforms includes vaccines development, molecular farming, directed evolution and functional genomics.  Their list of funding sources includes the United States Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, iBio, University of Delaware, and the Delaware Biotechnology Institute just to name a few.

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