The Secret KGB Abduction Files

A 1998 documentary narrated by Roger Moore, The Secret KGB Abduction Files,” provides original content a viewer may find new. In the early sixties, the KGB seriously researched an alien influence in construction of Great Pyramid of Giza. Russian intelligence conducted research through Project ISIS for two decades, making remarkable observations. Three pyramids of Giza align with belt of Orion in 10,500 BC, to suggest, pyramids are much older than commonly believed. Russians also provide arguments the pyramids were used for celestial navigation. A sarcophagus discovered of a god not included in known pantheon of ancient gods, but designated instead a “Visitor God,” named Osirus. A Russian facial reconstruction of skeletal remains reveals an alien very similar to what is known commonly as “a Grey.” A strange case of a Russian tour bus disappearance in the eighties at Giza connected to belief by the followers of a second coming of Osirus. Documentary maintains Russians located with radar a spherical chamber below Giza but never entered the mythical Hall of Records.” It’s a good watch but present writer suspects Russians did enter!

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