The Truth About The Nephilim

The Truth About The NephilimDr. Rita Louise writes article and produces excellent 15 minute video by same title, “The Truth About The Nephilim”.

Louise interprets Hindu epic Ramayana with its parallel myths to conclude Nephilim were not the off- spring of the Sons of God and daughters of men. Louise writes:

“It seems clear that the Nephilim lived on the earth long before man was created. If they existed prior to the Gods decent to earth it would be impossible for them to also be the offspring of this divine union. Instead, the Gods, when they mated with the inhabitants of the earth, produced a group of individuals who had remarkable powers and abilities, skills that far exceeded their peers. Their legacy and renown have survived the tests of time, in that we still remember and speak their names today. And that is exactly what the Bible states.”

Could Dr. Louise have insight into who were the Nephilim?

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