The Witchcraft of Rock and Roll

Remember parents’ warning against Rock and Roll as the Devil’s work? There was disdain in the fifties for Elvis’ pelvis, followed by ubiquitous warnings in the sixties about rock and roll as Satanic evil! What if the old fogies were right after all? John Lennon was of the opinion, “there was nothing” before Elvis and present writer holds a similar sentiment. You might defer judgment for a moment and listen to John Todd, Illuminati defector, how Rock n’ Roll was diabolically designed to cast spells over those who listen to it! Todd goes into KISS as “Kings In Satan’s Service” and meaning of “Hotel California” by the Eagles and the Beatles’ “Helter Skelter.” You might ask yourself after hearing Todd’s message from decades ago, whether a song has cast a spell over you? Does rock and roll represent an addiction to an adrenaline rush? Is the next behavior step on a hypothetical stepping stone theory – a quick temper and rebellion? The present writer believes music does change you. You only have to recollect any song, when it first moved you to confirm this notion!

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