The Year In Food: What 2013 Cooked Up

from It was bound to be a weird year in food news for 2013… It was the year National Public Radio reminded us that you shouldn’t wash raw chicken before you cook it (true) but blamed Julia Child for doing it wrong (not fair even if it was true). It was the year that heavy summer rains wiped out tomatoes but brought a bounty of juicy corn. The year that record catches in Maine brought the price of lobster almost as low as hamburger, and scientists in Europe announced they had grown hamburger in a test tube. It was the year that Kraft agreed to get rid of artificial food dyes in some of its macaroni-and-cheese dinners, thanks to a campaign started by two Charlotte-based bloggers, Vani Hari and Lisa Leake. It was the year the Food and Drug Administration proposed banning trans fats from our food supply, and took action to reduce the use of antibiotics in feed for cows, pigs and chickens raised for us to eat. It was the year that Paula Deen … well, maybe the less said about that would be better. And it’s a shame she didn’t follow that policy herself.

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