thievery corporation plot ‘radio retaliation’

as everything swirls, i needed a break… so i went outside for a smoke & threw on the latest record from washdc’s thievery corporation. but i guess there’s no escaping the new awakening… the 1st track says “sound the alarm … it’s martial law.” so by the time i got to ’33°’ with lyrics about the “shadow government & federal reserve,” i knew i had to share it w/ you…

thievery corporation plot 'radio retaliation'from billboard: Thievery Corporation‘s fifth album, “Radio Retaliation,” will emerge Sept. 23 on CD via the duo’s own ESL Music, with a digital release scheduled for two weeks earlier. That version will include the bonus track “Philosopher’s Stone” through Sept. 23. Among the album’s guests are world music all-stars Femi Kuti, Seu Jorge, Anushka Shankar and Jana Andevska, as well as Go-Go pioneer Chuck Brown. Group member Rob Garza says the project is a “more overt political statement,” with colleague Eric Hilton adding that it’s “about an exodus of conscious people who are willing to acknowledge something is wrong with the ‘official version‘ in news and culture.”

“sound the alarm … it’s martial law”

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