thoughtcrime in britain’s ascendant police state

thoughtcrime in britain’s ascendant police statefrom kurt nimmo: It is interesting to read Rupert Murdoch’s the Sun newspaper, ferreting out the cheesy “stunner” banner ads of half naked women to get at the glaring propaganda grist.

For instance, we are told the “Sun can reveal” there are upward to five “suspected al-Qaeda training camps in Britain” and “MI5 agents are watching locations where they believe young Muslims are being trained as terrorists,” in other words British intelligence is busy setting up their groomed patsies, as we know MI5 has a long and sordid history of protecting and then sacrificing its own “homegrown” would-be “al-Qaeda” terrorists.

The latest bit of media hyperventilation surrounds the supposed discovery of an “Islamic school in the Sussex countryside, where it is alleged night-time training exercises were staged,” according to Mike Sullivan, billed as the Sun’s “crime editor.” As usual, we are expected to switch off the higher reasoning centers of our brains and believe Islamic bad guys were “followed by undercover MI5 watchers as they went on camping trips at beauty spots around the South East of England.” Of course, the word “watchers” should be replaced with “handlers.”

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