Thousands of Unborn Fetuses Incinerated to Heat UK Hospitals

from The bodies of more than 15,000 unborn foetuses have been incinerated in the UK, an investigation has found, with some treated as “clinical waste” and others burned to heat hospitals. The practice was carried out by 27 NHS trusts, with at least 15,500 bodies burned over the last two years alone. Ten of those trusts admitted to burning more than 1,000 sets of remains along with other hospital rubbish, while two said they were incinerated in “waste-to-energy” furnaces that generate energy used to power and heat hospitals. The disposal of aborted and miscarried babies in this way has only emerged following an investigation by the Channel 4 programme Dispatches, and resulted in the Department of Health issuing an immediate ban on the practice, described by health minister Dr Dan Poulter as “totally unacceptable”.

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