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Through a glass dimly: Australia’s new cyber security policy

from apperspective.net: Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced that
$1.46 billion has been set aside by the Australian federal government to
strengthen cyber networks as part of a National Security Strategy (PDF).

funding ,which will be spread out to the year 2020
, is designed to
strengthen what Gillard described as Australia’s “most sensitive”

In addition, a new Australian Cyber
Security Centre will be established by the end of 2013 which will
combine existing cyber security capabilities across the
Attorney-General’s Department, Defence, Australian Security Intelligence
Organisation (ASIO), the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the
Australian Crime Commission in one location.

According to Gillard, the centre will provide
Australia with an expanded and more agile response capability to deal
with all cyber issues, be they related to government, industry, crime or
“Importantly it will also create a
hub for greater collaboration with the private sector, state and
territory governments and international partners to combat the full
breadth of cyber threats,” she said during a speech delivered in
“Malicious cyber activity will likely
be with us for many decades to come, so we must be prepared for a long,
persistent fight.”

Gillard also announced that
she has established the Office of the Cyber Policy Coordinator to
provide leadership and coordination
“For the
public sector, we must ensure that our most important networks are some
of the hardest to compromise in the world,” she said.
“But government alone cannot develop a secure and safe digital environment.”

added that the federal government must continue to work closely with
the information security industry and international partners to develop a
set of “global norms” for online behaviour.
“The Internet must remain open but also be secure.”
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