time bomb in times square sparks homeland lockdown

new york city police defuse car bomb in times square
new york city police defuse car bomb in times squarefrom reuters: Police have “rendered safea car bomb found inside a sport utility vehicle that triggered the evacuation of New York’s Times Square on Saturday night in an incident that the city’s mayor said early on Sunday could have turned into a very deadly event. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg also told a news conference that “we have no idea who did this and why.” He said the bomb appeared to have been made in an amateurish manner. “We are very lucky. Thanks to alert New Yorkers and professional police officers, we avoided what could have been a very deadly event,” Bloomberg said. He said an alert T-shirt vendor noticed “an unoccupied suspicious vehicle” and alerted a mounted New York police officer, who observed that the SUV had smoke emerging from vents near the back seat and smelled of gun powder. “The NYPD bomb squad has rendered safe an improvised car bomb,” said New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

5/4 updates:
feds call bomb ‘potential terrorist attack’*
napolitano: no evidence nyc car bomb ‘anything other than a one-off’*
car bomb in times square started to detonate, would’ve caused ‘sizeable’ deaths*
times square bomb’s ordinary ingredients posed a deadly threat*
amateur car bomb was “screaming look at me – not what you would expect”*
times square car bomber got the wrong fertilizer*
pakistani taliban claims times square bomb;
says revenge for death of group’s leader baitullah mehsud
pakistani taliban claim credit for times square car bomb*
video: possible times square bomb suspect footage released*
‘person of interest’ near bomb scene*
taliban claim unverified responsibility: times square car bomb, prelude to nuclear attack?*
times square bomb hoax, israeli intel group shows its hand*
pentagon front group releases video claiming ‘taliban’ behind nyc car bomb ‘attack’*
al-qaeda terror tape proven fraudulent once again*
nyc bomb scare: will it affect your plans to visit the big apple this summer?*
right on time: nyc plans to deploy more cameras, mayor bloomberg says*
police search for second man over nyc car bomb*
police won’t rule out ‘south park’ link in times square bomb attempt*

5/5 updates:
pakistani, faisal shahzad, arrested in times square bomb plot*
pakistani man, faisal shahzad, arrested in times square bomb plotinvestigators traced terror suspect through his disposable cell phone*
how not to build a car bomb*
nyc’s terror-spotting spycams stuck in traffic*
security network in the cards for midtown manhattan*
security network planned for midtown*
magic 8 ball cop cameras to flood manhattan, looking for ‘suspicious behavior’*
several in custody, questioned in times square incident*
man arrested for times square bomb attempt*
lieberman: no US citizenship rights for terrorists*
army spy plane may have snooped on bomber: report*
times square terror: drone payback?*
suspect’s movements raise questions about holes in antiterror system*
new york car bomb incident: another false flag?*
how faisal shahzad was caught: audio from emirates airlines flight*
cop cams to flood manhattan to prevent attacks*
‘car bomb’ comes to broadway*
times square eyewitness: bomb scare looked like drill*
bloomberg decries ‘terror gap’ in US gun laws*
video: msnbc newsreader ‘sorry’ shahzad not a tea partier*

5/6 updates:
faisal shahzad on homeland security list since ’99*
why did cbs scrub a story about army spy planes capturing the times square bomber?*
link emerges between times square bomb attempt & pakistani militant group*
times square bomber linked with cia-linked terror group*
no-fly list gap is closed*
US to send pakistan detailed request for help in times square bomb probe*
expert: pakistan taliban jihadism is from feeling ‘pushed’*
times square bomb suspect scouted area & left getaway car, claims source*
times square bombing suspect used a ‘burner’ phone*
suspected money courier sought in nyc bomb plot*
undercover nypd officers are on the front line of nyc’s terror fight*

one last note of predictive programming: this is alot like ‘the simpsons’ episode that aired the night after the bomb scare – it was called ‘to surveil with love‘.

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    If thats the United States idea of a car bomb…I feel very sad for them…that thing would make a better barbeque than anything else…and being hurt by it would only be possible if you were dancing on the roof of the 4 runner when it was burning…what a joke…just goes to show what a bunch of idiots the media really are.

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