Titanic Tragedy 100 Years Later: Case For Dispatching Opposition?

Why They Sunk The Titanic” (WTSTT)  is an excellent  documentary freely available in six parts on the net. WTSTT views RMS Titanic sinking as desperate attempt by company to save the White Star Line. The documentary offers suspicion when the Olympic, a sister ship was damaged in a collision with another vessel a plot hatched to sink her in an insurance scam. The ships were identical and needed only to change names on bow, stern, name plates on lifeboats and life belts to complete a switch, according to video.  Was it only insurance fraud?

Who Sunk The Titanic? by Doug Yurchey and The Titanic Conspiracy offer theories that proponents of the Federal Reserve, who met on Jekyll Island in 1910, conspired to eliminate opposition that included passengers Benjamin Guggenheim, Isador Strauss and John Jacob Astor. The Jesuit Order are believed to be the controllers of all major proponents behind Federal Reserve – the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Morgans.  There is, also, a Mummy curse theory as Titanic had Princess of Amen Ra coffin aboard.  People, who had misfortune to be in coffin’s presence, seemed to suffer tragedy – an  anecdotal argument for a curse. The coffin was sent, by the way, to the bottom with the ship.

You can view 1958 film, A Night To Remember free on You Tube. Popeye will host discussion of Titanic tragedy this Sunday evening, 5/7 EST, 4/6 CST on the Orion Radio Network. Was sinking of the Titanic a case of dispatching opposition with 1,500 victims as collateral damage?

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