‘To Catch a Thief’ Using Social Media

Can social media catch a thief? Eric Lamb, a Sandy, Utah resident, left his backpack behind in a Midvale McDonalds on Sunday Night – but when he returned to retrieve it, the backpack was already gone. An article at CW30.com reports that Lamb just …wanted to get some studying done while watching the girls play, but the family night out ended up costing the Lamb family more than a couple of happy meals.” The outing cost the Lambs over $500, the value of a laptop, calculator and backpack not to mention a semester’s worth of homework. “The man who picked up Eric’s backpack hasn’t returned it. Surveillance video shows the man watching the windows and taking a couple of trips around the restaurant before deciding to take the backpack. ‘He was there while we were there,’ said Eric Lamb. ‘Our kids played together.’ Eric’s wife was also surprised. ‘I was shocked,’ said Tiffany…Eric has now turned the surveillance video into a YouTube music video hoping the popularity of the site will help more people see the video,” according to the article. It will be interesting to see if Eric is able to recover his belongings with the video sent to everyone on his Facebook page. Will the perp be made to ‘Facebook the Music’?

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